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Some frequently asked questions

How much does it cost?

Attendance at a walk or activity is free. You will need to pay for any food, transport, accommodation or camping costs. If you share a car, then the occupants must divide the costs of travel. See How to Join for current membership fees

Do I have to be a member to join a walk?

Visitors are welcome to attend a maximum of 3 outdoor activities and are covered by our Bushwalking Australia personal accident and public liability insurance policies. Once you have completed three activities, if you want to continue walking with us you will be required to become a Member. How to Join

How do I book in for an activity?

Contact the secretary for a copy of the program secretary@scb.org.au
Find an activity in the program with a grade  suitable for your experience level. The program lists leader contact information. Phone the leader several days in advance to find out activity times and meeting points and what preparation or equipment is required. Prior to activity commencement you will need to sign a waiver form for insurance purposes.

For multi day activities, phone the leader before making any personal arrangements. Trips often need to be booked several weeks or months in advance, so that leaders can make accommodation or camping arrangements and collect any required deposits.

What clothing and equipment do I need to bring on a walk?

We recommend you wear walking boots or rubber-soled shoes with a thick tread. Bring a broad brimmed hat, sunscreen, insect repellent, first aid kit, rainwear, whistle and torch.

Carry 1 – 2 litres of water and food for lunch, plus a little extra food in case of delays or accidents. A small daypack (20-35 litres capacity) is recommended to carry your gear. In cooler weather you will need a fleece jacket or jumper, warm hat and gloves.

Liloing also requires a lilo, a wetsuit and a change of clothing kept in a waterproof sack.

The leader may refuse to take you if they feel you are not suitably prepared, so talk to them prior to attending the activity if you are uncertain about what to bring. More information on suitable gear is available on the Bushwalking NSW website.

Can I bring children?

Children are welcome, provided the activity is suitable and you ask permission from the leader prior to the activity. Children must be under the care of a responsible adult. The responsible adult must sign a risk waiver before commencing any outdoor activity. Children can become Associate Members of the club.

Is bushwalking safe?

There are always hazards associated with type of any outdoor activity. To minimise risk, we ask that you discuss your experience and capabilities with the leader prior to booking on an activity, choose a walk with an appropriate grade for your ability, carry the right gear for the activity, and read and sign the risk waiver form prior to commencing a walk. Sydney Christian Bushwalkers has developed a Leader Accreditation policy  designed to ensure that your leader has the skills necessary for the activity.

View our presentation on Safe Bushwalking here.

For more information on safety in the bush see the Bushwalking NSW website.

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